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"   First and Only online access to Istanbul`s Grand Bazaar.

Wander the World`s Oldest & Largest Covered Bazaar and its`Authentic Home Goods, Fashion, Artisty.

Our Marketplace does not only bring the stuff we love but the stories and the rich Turkish Culture that we adore.


Learn how Turkish Ceramics are hand-painted by talented artisans, meet Ancient Turkish Copper Art or read how Mosaic Lamps are handmade with placing mosaic pieces by one by..     "     



Grand Bazaar Shopping was founded by two entrepreneur sisters Guney and Kuzey in Istanbul in the Spring of 2015. Spent their childhood watching their family owned shops around Grand Bazaar, learning about the souk and admiring its` incredible energy. After educated in E-commerce, Start-ups, Fashion and Marketing, they decided to go after their two passion; Grand Bazaar & Online Businesses and created Grand Bazaar Shopping.

Their personal interests to Turkish Hancrafts, vintage, local artisans and small family owned shops makes Grand Bazaar Shopping, an One Of A Kind curated online marketplace. With the enormous support of Grand Bazaar´s boutique owners and artisans, Grand Bazaar Shopping is growing quickly each day, aim to make a difference in people`s lives and homes.


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